The Chemicals portfolio was previously part of the parent company ATTS INC (www.atts-inc.com) whose core business is power generation and allied industry. However considering the inroads to the North/South American Chemical Industry, we decided to evolve our operations based on core strengths of parent company and its other departments that dealt in different Industry sectors. ATTS Chemicals LLC is a result of this decision and the new company has been existence since 2009. It has provided the group a greater focus and helps us serve our customers better. We continue to position ourselves as a significant distributor of raw materials and ingredients in the chemical marketplace. We continue to establish long-term alliances with our customers, associates, and principals. Some of the key elements of our accomplishments are the ability to consistently provide:

Fair and competitive pricing

Zero-defect quality assurances

Reliable, on time delivery

Product trends and Market Information

Our focus markets and target industry segments for our raw materials and ingredients are comprised of, but not limited to:

North America

  • Personal Care
  • Detergents & Soaps
  • Fragrance & Essential Oils
  • Industrial Surfactants
  • Lubes & Greases
  • Polymers

South America

  • API’s, Fine chemicals and Medical Disposables
  • Detergents & Soaps

Middle East

  • Industrial Lubricants (Application in Power Generating industry)
  • Fire Resistant Lubricant-(REOLUBE 46)
  • Industrial Products/Consumables-Coveralls

Water Treatment Chemicals:

  • Emulsifiers
  • Descaling Agents
  • Anti Corrosion

We are passionate about what we do which is why our customers have appreciated our way of business. ATTS Chemicals will endeavor to be the most efficient part of your Supply Chain objectives.

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